Glass Mirrors in Melbourne

Commercial Glazing is a leading competitor in Melbourne when it comes to quality production and installation of all types of glass mirrors including convex and robe door mirrors as below. Our range of mirror repairs and installations cover both commercial and residential applications.

Our Z.Bavelloni straight line edge machine makes it possible to create custom made mirrors to suit all your requirements.

Convex Mirrors - Indoor/Outdoor

Standard Convex Mirror & bracket

Convex standard brace glass mirror Convex standard glass mirror

Extra Heavy Duty Delux Convex Mirror & bracket

Convex deluxe glass mirror brace Convex deluxe glass mirror

Wide Angle 360° Ceiling Dome

Convex 360 degree glass mirror

Wide Angle 180° Half Dome

Convex 180 degree glass mirror

Wide Angle 90° Quarter Dome

Convex 90 degree glass mirror

Mirror Robe Doors

Glass mirror robe door

Bevelled Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom glass mirror